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New warehouses in Leghorn - Livorno

Leghorn - Livorno, 30 Nov 2016 - C.Steinweg GMT became the owner of two new sites in Leghorn – one on Via Vasco Natale Jacoponi 23 and the other on Via Filzi.
The location on Via Vasco Natale Jacoponi has an open area of around 5.300m2 and a small covered warehouse of around 300m2.  
The warehouse can count on the following equipment:
-  1 Reach stacker for CVS 478 containers
- 1 Kalmar forklift for 16 tons
- 2 Jungheinrich forklift for 3,5 tons
- 1 Weigh bridge
- 1 Scale of max 4000 kg
And the area is video controlled.
The location on Via Filzi has a 2000m2 open area and a warehouse of 4200m2. It will soon have 3 Jungheinrich forklifts for 3,5 tons and two unloading docks for containers. Also here the area is video controlled.
Both warehouses will soon be bonded and fiscal authorized.
In case of enquiries please contact us at livorno@it.steinweg.com